Guy-Philippe spent a while trying to win Sarah’s heart. Once you win such a beauty you never want to let go, so as time passed he couldn’t help getting down on one knee to ask for Sarah’s hand in marriage. On the 20th of February 2016 they will be pronounced husband and wife and then they can update their Facebook status.

Sarah promises to love Guy-Philippe with or without hair on his head and Guy-Philippe promises to love Sarah just the way she is.

We are so excited but will be even more excited to know that you will be joining us to celebrate this wonderful day.
Please RSVP by the 20th of January 2016.

Sarah & Guy-Philippe

Part serious. Part hilarious! Our day should make everybody smile and laugh. Marriage is serious— but it’s fun, too! From a gentle chuckle to an uproarious side splitting laugh, be inspired to let your inner comedian out.

Gift Wishes

We have chosen to move into a one-room apartment, which means space is limited.

Therefor even though we know it’s not traditional to ask for, our gift wishes are ‘experiences' and 'money for our honeymoon to Vietnam'.

Practical Information

Worth knowing


We welcome party speeches, but please write our toastmaster by the 15th of February 2016.
(Info on our toastmaster is found under “Practical Information").

We don’t believe in traditional homemade party songs, so please do not use your time preparing one. (LOL)

Where to stay

Sadly our one room apartment can’t house any more people, but we have found two hotel options.

If you are on a budget:

If you don’t care:


Please give yourself ample time to park your car.
Our wedding is in the center of town and that means parking is limited.